If I was in the state legislature and I had to make a choice on what side I would be I would be on the side for girls to have to take the shot but I would try to make it so that the shot isn’t 130 dollars per dose because i know that some families would not be able to afford this vaccine so i would push to either make it free or to make it more affordable for families that can’t afford this vaccine.

Jerrod and Jump case study

1. There is electrical activity in the brain because there are neurons that send send electrical messages to the cells.

2.The elecrtical activity increases to level that the brain can not manage.

3.Epilepsy is when the neurons in your body get out of control creating seizures. It is diagnosed by tests and EEG and MRI scans.

4. The EEG test that provides information about the brain function with the use of electrodes. first you they calculate where they will put the electrodes  on your scalp by measuring the circumference and marking it with a grease pencil. Then they clean your scalp with a slightly abrasive paste to improve recording quality. Oil and hair products on the scalp could hinder recording quality. They then use a conductive cream so that the electrodes allow electrical activity to pass from the scalp to the computer showing a visual guide to activity in individual areas. They then put the electrodes using the previous measures. After all 24 electrodes are applied, The EEG machine records the brain’s activity by reading electronic current that travels from the scalp to the machine. Then they collect various health conditions besides the seizures to interpret the EEG accurately. The technologist then notes activities like sleep, swallowing, or blinking. After about 10 minutes tests are performed such as opening and closing the eyes and deep, fast breathing for 5 minutes. Towards the end an intermittent strobe flashes into closed eys. These procedures affect brain wave activity, providing helpful information to the neurologist. For an MRI the doctor describes the procedure and show the part that holds up your head during the MRI and asks if the person is wearing metal. Since the machine uses very strong magnets to create images it can interfere with the scan. The patient is taken to the machine and is laid down and is given earbuds because the machine makes loud noises. The machine then slides the patient in to take the pictures of the brain. The doctor leaves and goes with the technician to watch the pictures being proccessed. This take about 30 to an hour long. The MRI scans your brain and makes pictures that show various parts of your brain so the doctor can see these different parts and look for any abnormalities. You are free to go after all this is done and the doctors review the pictures and let you know the results with a week.

5. One other example is an increasing fever that can lead to a febrile seizure or and extremely low blood sugar level in a person with diabetes.

6. He is having an epileptic seizure.

7.The best thing to do during someone is having a seizure is to loosen any clothingon her/him and roll him/her to one side. Also place a pillow on the persons head to to prevent injury but never try to restrain or hold/stop the person. Always keep stuff of the person’s face especially the moth and or nose.

8.Treatments always depend on the frequency of the seizures and the persons age and health. Epilepic seizures are treated with drug therapy ( anticonvulstant drugs). Some common drugs used now are Felbatol, Gabitril, Keppra and Lamictal.

9. First of all Ramussen Syndrome or Ramussen encephalitis is a rare brain disorder which is associated with neurological dysfunction and seizures. This can also cause brain cells to inflate in one hemishpere of the brain . Ramussen Syndrome was named after a man named Theodore Ramussen. It started in 1958, Theodore Ramussen and some co-workers from the Monreal Neurological Institute reported 3 patients suffering from focal seizures because of chronical localized ecephalitis. Since the late 1980′s researchers and clinicians adopted the Ramussen syndrome for this condition. Common symptons are the inflammation in the brain and the seizures. The parts of the brain most affected are the frontal lobe and temporal lobes. The electroencephalogram (or EEG) and the brain scans such as the MRI diagnose Ramussen Syndrome. These help look at damage to berve cells caused by inflammation and brain shrinkage. After a period of years Inflammation stops but the nerve cells damaged from the inflammation before can continue to malfunction meaning that the epilepsy may continue. Some people will have learning disabilities or educational weaknesses. Some treatments can be the removal of the temporal lope. They can also preform a hemispherectomy or other surgeries.

10. The left hemisphere is more responsible for logical behaviours, solving problems and language.

11. Jerrod would probably lose the ability to talk and write.

12.  I think that he woulf remain with visual abilities, face recognition, spatial abilities and the ability to hear.

13.  I think that they can take the doctors advice and talk to people that have had this procedure and then from there decide.

14. Well it really depends, if the procedure works like its supposed to then the right or left part of the brain will eventually learn hoew to take the opposites hemispheres role in the body.

15.  If I were Jarrod or Jarrod’s parents I would ask what the risks can be . My answer would probably be death, disabilities in learning and weaknesses.

16. In my opinion I would risk it and go on with the procedure because without the procedure the seizures can affect Jerrod even worse and it will bug him for the rest of his life.